2011 UWE Creative Arts: Abbie in South East Asia

UWE Creative Arts 2011 Gane Trust Travel Scholarship

Abbie Vickress in Laos, Vietnam and Thailand

In 2011 Abbie Vickress used her travel award to take her on a remarkable trip to Laos, Vietnam and Thailand, where she found a multitude of experiences in her search for the relationship between East and West in her field of expertise, graphic design.

At her presentation at Bower Ashton, Abbie showed some fascinating images of lettering, both Western and from the area itself, raising a number of fascinating questions about the different strength of Western influence in the countries she visited.

She also used the opportunity to talk to students there and compare their experience with hers, and had made a thorough use of the travel award, which will inspire her for her final year.

Picture: Abbie presenting her work to Trustees Byron Thomas, Ben Barman and a member of the student body

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