2015 City of Bath College Gane Trust/DIA Award: Cora is inspired by Egypt

Cora fell in love with Egyptian architecture on visits to her family in Egypt, and filled her sketchbooks with strong, dramatic drawings. She turned these into a series of dark, rich printed fabrics, and quilted patterns on pared back shapes for garments. Cora says:
“I have been accepted into Manchester Metropolitan university to study Women’s Fashion Design and Technology. I am very excited about taking the next step in my chosen carear of fashion design and am looking forward to seeing all the different possibilities that will come from it. I was very honoured to have been awarded the DIA Gane Prize for Fashion and Textiles in 2015. I will be using the money given to me to buy my university kit list ready for the start of term in September. I am very thankful for everybody who has supported me on my journey and will always remember it.”

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