2016 Bath Spa: Jusefa Charlamow in Rajasthan

Textile artist Jusefa Charlamow used the Scholarship to investigate the inherent art of tribal Indian culture, particularly its textile printing and dyeing, travelling to Rajasthan and visiting the two key villages, Bagru and Sanganer. She observed and engaged in block-printing and dyeing processes, being welcomed by local craftspeople, and visiting the Anokhi Museum in Sanganer where the crafts are fostered.She took a class in Indian miniature painting, and responded also to the architecture and visual richness of India, notably Jodhpur and the Taj Mahal. For her ” The value of this research trip is immeasurable. It has had significant impact on me and my art practice, the outcomes of which are slowly emerging in my work. I am starting to be more experimental with materials as a direct result of witnessing the resourceful nature of the people of Rajasthan.” On returning she wrote, “It is only now, through the making and analysis of my own work that I am beginning to understand the essence of that quality – the transferal of the manual tactility of the maker through object and the strength of process resonation in its own and foreign environment.” She has gone on to explore the properties and aesthetics of concrete with paper and stitch.

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