Case Studies

Here is some feedback from successful applications

Ava, June, 2022

That is absolutely wonderful news. I was holding back on buying supplies and now with your help I can start on an ambitious  project.

Thank you so much. You’ve made my day.


Dorcas, October, 2021

Hello, I’ve been meaning to get in touch for some time  to say a big thank you for the support I received in the form of a Gane Grant for the purchase of studio equipment, namely a dust extractor, to allow me to use ceramics in my studio. I use this piece of equipment every single day and I feel grateful for it every single day!  The support I received from the Gane Trust, at such a difficult time during the pandemic, was a real catalyst for this positive trajectory and I’m so grateful to you for it!

Becky, July, 2020

This is such fantastic news. Thank you so much to the Trustees. I am so so grateful – and thrilled about what this will mean for my practice and the future. Thank you!!

Rhona, July, 2020

Just wanted to say a massive Thank You again. I feel so lucky to be able to get the materials that I need to push on with my art practice.

Katrina, October, 2019

Last weekend was a full success – Future’s Landing was perceived very well and many kind and funny conversations spun from the re-purposed LED laptop screens – people engaged and were curious. Many thanks again for the support of the Gane Trust that made it possible to produce this exciting new work for the Art Licks Weekend 2019 in Peckham.

Theodora, October, 2019

Thank you from the bottom of my hear for your generous funding money. The cheque means I will be able to upgrade my equipment to make even more detailed prints. I was so overwhelmed to receive it I couldn’t believe my eyes! I plan to get the camera in time to film and shoot some new shows in particular Woolwich Contemporary Print Fair where I will be exhibiting and demonstrating printmaking.

Thank you again!

Ella, March 2017

Hey I have been meaning to thank the gane trust for kindly sending me £300 which I have spent on carpentry tools I can’t thank you enough its enabled me to put together a full set of carpentry hand tools which I could not have afforded without it. I have just started a new job in a design workshop in Bristol and the tools are being put to good use.

Joe, March 2017

I am so so grateful to you for your support and I feel truly blessed that you chose me for this funding, I cannot express it enough in words. It has given to me the confidence to believe that I’m worth the help and support, and I will keep the money safe and keenly apply for more funding until I have the sum for my laptop. Once again, thank you so much for helping me toward my goal and to get back into my profession.

Carensa, February 2017

Thank you so much for considering my application for help with materials for my course at Robert Gordon University, which I started September and I am enjoying so much. There are so many expenses for materials that you are not told about before you start, and this is such a big help to me, and I am so grateful to you.

Rosanna, September 2017

Last year you made an award to me to help me buy a table top press to further my career as a printmaker and visual artist. When I received your cheque in the post I couldn’t quite believe it was real, it gave me the biggest confidence boost that what I wanted to do was worthwhile and possible. I teamed up with a couple of other printmakers and with our joint funds we managed to make a press so much bigger and better than we had at first hoped. I want to thank you so much for believing in my project and for being an organisation that enables so many people to realise their dreams. We will be forever in debt to you, thank you!

Heather, June 2016

I am writing to confirm that I have successfully received the Arts Council England funding for my performance project and tour.
I am thrilled that you have offered me £500 in support of the work and I would love to accept that offer.
The project would not go ahead without your support and I feel privileged to have been chosen to receive the grant.

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